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Solar Mobile Light Tower

Solar mobile light tower

Features and Benefits

Movable Trailers
Solar Lighting Trailers are equipped with standard towable trailers for quick setup, flexibility, and portability. Compact design for rapid deployment, single-person setup, and instant operation.
Extreme Environments
Trailers are designed for extreme hot-temperature environments from unprotected desert installations.
Reduced Energy Consumption
Environmental benefits of solar power help meet global mandates for energy reduction. High-efficiency LED lights also require less power than fluorescent light power consumption.
Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Pollution
Eco-friendly Solar Power Light Trailer System replaces generator-powered lights. No emissions or pollutants released into the environment.
Dependable 24/7 Operation
Designed with battery banks for nighttime and multiple-cloudy-day operation.
Reduced Usage of Fossil Fuels
Cost for lighting is eliminated for significant annual cost savings and reduces dependency on procured oil.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Eliminate regular engine/generator maintenance. Unit also allows automatic unattended operation.
Silent / Stealth Operation
Eco-friendly solar power panels replace noisy generator system for improved on-site communication capabilities.
Adjustable Illumination Heights
Adjustable 30-foot mast allows light to adjust from 8 feet to 30 feet. 360-degree mast rotation and pan/tilt light fixture feature lets you put the light where it’s needed.
Long-Life LED Lights
LED lights offer longer operational time than fluorescent lights. LED lights also operate in colder temperatures than fluorescent lights.